Vista Consulting is a small technology consulting company that develops "big data" applications using advanced mathematical, statistical, machine learning, and language processing techniques to provide deeper understanding, predicitve analytics, and decision support in the security domain.

We help Government R&D clients execute scientific research programs. Our services include scientific assessment, technology evaluation, prototype development, and test planning. For commercial clients Vista Consulting develops data-driven applications. Our services include data collection and processing, algorithm development, software engineering, and custom web-based platform development.

Examples of recent engagements and clients include:

  • IARPA logo

    Vista Consulting supports the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity’s (IARPA) leadership in preliminary evaluation and screening of technical research ideas, studies and program proposals, in the design of test and evaluation protocols and metics that measure technical progress and status of programs and studies, and in technical support to Program Managers conceiving, developing, formulating and managing advanced research and development programs.

    Vista Consulting specializes in forecasting, artifical intelligence and machine learning, mathematics and data processing. For example, Vista Consulting supported the Open Source Indicators (OSI) program. The OSI program developed methods for continuous, automated analysis of open source data in order to anticipate and/or detect societal disruptions, such as political crises, disease outbreaks, results of elections, and economic instability. More generally, Vista Consulting is supporting IARPA's technology programs to characterize and reduce uncertainty through anticipatory intelligence that delivers timely and accurate forecasts for a range of events relevant to national security. In addition, Vista Consulting has been involved in a number of IARPA studies related to event coding, detecting and correcting model drift, impact of data sampling on analytics for very large graphs, S&T event extractions, S&T automated taxonomy generation, and cyber warnings.

  • DARPA logo

    Vista Consulting supported the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Integrated Crisis Early Warning System (ICEWS) program. The ICEWS program developed technologies for real time monitoring, assessing, and forecasting of national and international events relating to forms of political violence. Vista Consulting was also instrumental in transitioning the ICEWS technology to Pacific Command (PACOM), Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) and Strategic Command (STRATCOM). Vista Consulting was also involved in the Conflict Modeling, Planning and Outcome Experimentation (COMPOEX) program that developed automated tools to assist a commander and his/her staff in generating, assessing and understanding the consequences of political, military, economic, social and information operations, and infrastructure (PMESII) effects. Vista Consulting was also involved in a number of DARPA studies related to dynamic information networks, automated sentiment analysis, applications of social computing and language analysis for computational social science.

  • ONR logo

    Vista Consulting supported the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) Human Social Cultural and Behavioral (HSCB) program. The HSCB program built capability through the development of a knowledge base, models and simulations, and training capacity in order to understand, predict, and shape human behavior cross-culturally. The HSCB program was organized around four technology capabilities: Understand sociocultural parameters of the operational environment; Detect insightful sociocultural behavior signals from noisy data; Forecast behaviors in response to courses of action; Mitigate behaviors and measure effects.

  • PTL logo

    Vista Consulting developed the PeaceTech Lab's Open Situation Room Exchange (OSRx) application. OSRx is a data hub designed to provide critical insights into economic, social, and political conditions on the ground in conflict zones globally. Researchers, policymakers, practitioners, donors, legal and health professionals can use the OSRx to: Develop deeper awareness of conflict zones, support peacebuilders, and inform policy decisions to prevent violent conflict.

    In addition Vista Consulting worked with the PeaceTech Lab's conflict experts to integrate hate speech data into artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast violence, weekly, for each of the 32 states of South Sudan, and to understand the relationship between online hate speech and on-the-ground violence.

    The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) created the PeaceTech Lab in 2014 to bring together engineers, technologists, and data scientists from industry, and academia, along with experts in peacebuilding from USIP, other government agencies, NGOs and the conflict zones. These experts collaborate to design, develop, and deploy new and existing technology tools for confliuct management and peacebuilding.

  • map of the world

    For a large New York insurance services company, Vista Consulting automated the entire data collection and processing pipeline to compute current and forecasted political and economic risk ratings around the world. This automated pipeline provided better, more up-to-date insights and recommendations for the company's clients.

  • Resolve logo

    Vista Consulting developed the data portal for the Resolve Network, a global effort that offers an online suite of open-source data, tools, and curated research to help researchers, practitioners and policy makers gain fresh insight into the drivers of violent extremism.

Dr. Philippe Loustaunau is the Managing Director of Vista Consulting. He has a Ph.D. in mathematics and over 30 years of experience. Vista Consulting brings together a team of data scientists, experts in conflict and security data, algorithm, software, and website developers to deliver web-based, data-driven applications to our clients.